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Sunday, March 12, 2023


 Quemado, Texas  (pop. 162)
Only thing noteworthy of Quemado was that 52 % of the residents lived below poverty line.

After doing a resupply at Walmart in Del Rio we let the wind blow us on south.
We pulled over in this little town stopping by their library for some lunch.
Keep in mind the library.  It is the nicest looking building in Quemado.

The post office may be the second nicest.

Inside though were post office boxes dating back to the fifties.

 I saw only one place in town to eat, a Mexican restaurant.  
Mary’s has long since closed shop.

On the main drag this looked like the only business still in operation besides the Oasis, 
that Mexican eatery I mentioned.
Not my kind of motorcycles.

These bikes just sit out there baking in the hot Texas sun.

On down further were some old cars dating back to the 1930’s
This is a Chevrolet.

These two were unidentifiable. 

This eatery looked like the most recent ‘out of business’ establishment.
It was for sale.
A business opportunity for someone.

And you could live right next door, a short commute to work.

Here is another fine residence to be had.
Just needs a little paint.

Trash pickup is not guaranteed in Quemado.

Now I liked this little stone cabin.

Not much traffic through town on Highway 277.

This was the best find of all sitting way back on a lot.
That paint is blistered.  I meant to get a picture of it close up peeling away and forgot.

You know I will step inside anything to explore but this one, nope.
Just imagine how nice this once looked back in the 50’s or 60’s would be my guess.

This was someone’s home in Quemado at one time.
Maybe Mary lived here.

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Barbara Rogers said...

What a very sad place. Yes, from library on down, sad and sadder.

Ellen D. said...

Depressing and sad. But with that nice library - maybe someone has hope for a future there...

Kathe said...

We had post office boxes is Butte like that. I loved getting the mail. C 1/2 and U was our combination. I can see just where it sat on the wall. Folks have moved out of towns to the cities since Eisenhauer funded the highways. I'm thinking there may be a reverse exodus now with the problems in many cities. You have to make a living though. Thanks for the memory.

Debby said...

The pictures of the children thrown out with the rubble from the house...that's what I always think of. Being raised in such a hopeless environment. Heart breaking.