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Monday, March 20, 2023

Service and Maintenance Day

 A nice overcast but much warmer day to do some maintenance.

I rolled Gracie down off the rack and dusted her off from all the road dirt that got kicked up underneath her cover.  I use an old wide paintbrush to dust her off then wipe her down with a soft cloth.  She started right up after I remembered to flip the choke lever the correct way.  With her idling and the back wheel up off the ground I put her in gear and hold a wire brush to the chain as it passes by cleaning all the crud off.  Then I lubed the chain and added some air to the tires.  I noticed the crate on the back is coming apart.  It is the top and bottom glued together with the middle section removed so that it isn’t as tall as a standard milk crate. Tomorrow will be a warmer day, better conditions to glue it again.  

Then on to the generator on the RV.  I added some oil and checked the air filter.
  It needs to be replaced.

Lastly I filled a propane canister as it went dry trying to stay warm yesterday.
I sure do like that little gadget I bought that allows me to refill those canisters.
Much better than spending $5 plus in buying new ones.

By the time I was done it was tea time.  Ever notice how it takes forever to do anything when you get older?  Or does it just seem that way?

- comment reply -
I was just being silly about not eating veggies watered with dirty bath water.


Debby said...

Sounds like you made good use of your day! That propane gadget is one of our favorite things that we have learned from reading blogs! We had never heard of it, but we have a couple of those very same heaters. That little gadget is worth its weight in gold.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Never seen a bike like that here. Yep I noticed things take a little longer

Kathe said...

If she's Gracie, does that make you George? :)
Putzing around, it's the joy of not having to worry about time. We had a cow named Putzie. She was one of mine to milk. The sweetest little cow. She always made it to the barn and that's all that counts.