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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sorry Chuck


You were wrong.  It does rain here.
It was cold too on Sunday.  We woke up to the mid 40’s (5C).  I had to dig out the heater from storage for it was only barely going to get into the 50’s for the day.  A quick check of the weather showed darn well everywhere else in the nation was in the 30’s and below.  So we’re happy to be here in way south Texas.  After Monday it will be in the 90’s (32C) from then on.  Whoopee! 

This is the camp area off from the restrooms and ‘community center’.  Most of those in tents are camped there to be close to the facilities.  They are why I try not to snivel and whine much about being cold.

- comment reply -

I don’t think I’d want to eat veggies that were grown in dirty bath water.



Cathy said...

Hate to be rude John but obviously you’ve never grown fruit/veg in drought conditions. Every little bit of ‘grey’ water gets diverted to the garden….black goes down the sewer as usual (except flush is kept to a minimum…..if it’s yellow let it mellow - if it’s brown flush it down). Grey water does no harm to vegetables so Debby’s remark isn’t as daft as it sounds.

Poor ol’ Chuck - wonder if he gets ribbed much about being wrong😊

Debby said...

Ah! Cathy has saved me the gray water speech. Good heavens, man! Manure is used as fertilizer!

Did it rain all day? After a snowy weekend, we woke up to bitter cold. I can't wait for spring and the patter of rain.

Kathe said...

Snowed a bit here today. I keep thinking of those HOT summer days ahead where a cool breeze feels so good. The gloomy is kind of a bummer though. Good day to read a good murder mystery!