A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Spring is Coming

This is a Yucca.  There are 49 different species of yucca in the Americas

This one is preparing to flower soon.

The flowers will look like this when they open.
They could extend tall from the plant or...

...down close into the plant depending on the species.

The prickly pear cacti are preparing to bloom also.

The flowers should look like this.

We have been here at San Pedro Campground for twelve days now.  That wasn’t the plan but this place has been fairly peaceful and quiet.  We delayed moving on south until now for where we are going the temperature was going to be 99 and 100 degrees (38c) this weekend.  Can you believe that?
It will cool down twenty-five degrees for Monday on.  
Are you ready to move on Beans?

You betcha.  This place is lifeless.  Nothing to hunt or chase.

Beans is right.  There isn’t even any flies here.  We can leave the door open.  Not one fly has come in.

Well there is one of these guys, a Scarlet Tanager that comes around everyday.  I never could photograph him so an internet photo will have to do.



Sandi said...

Spring is coming! 🙂

Barbara Rogers said...

A whole day today of 34 degrees and rain here. And Daylight Savings to boot. Which probably has little effect on you! Pretty bird. Pats to Beans as she relaxes. Does she reply with purrs?

Debby said...

Lifeless? Poor Beans. Your photos showed a great deal of life, although not the kind of life that a cat could chase around.

Kathe said...

I always look for the little lizards. The roadrunners love them and so do the snakes. The locals tell me when you see lizards, snakes are out of hibernation. We got a bit of rain last night. We need it.
Happy Trails to you.
PS: Beautiful bird!