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Friday, March 17, 2023

The Toilet and Shower Room


One of a kind for me I have ever seen.

No doors.  You pull this hanging sign over.

The shower area does have a tattered curtain.

This why the sign.  No door.

It is up to the campers to keep it clean.

It is up to the campers to make improvements too.

I have never seen a shower head like this before.

Gets my vote for the best shower head ever.

The shower water drains out through a hole in the wall,

...across the walkway and waters the weed garden.

I want to check out the women’s now.

- comment replies -
 We’re about a hundred miles from the Gulf of Mexico, that’s bird miles.
Nope, haven’t seen any lizards.  Poor Beans.


Cathy said...

Oh - a square rain shower head…..lucky you There’s something about them that is difficult (and delicious 😊)
I’d definitely be wearing my flip flops if I had to use those facilities - you just never can tell. And parking the motor bike across the entrance!

Cathy said...

That should read….there’s something about them that is different (not difficult)

Barbara Rogers said...

Should I say it? OK. Only in Texas! What a hoot! Glad everything looked passably clean. I agree about flip flops though...the floor might have lots of good fungus. A free bath house, basically. What happens in their peek season though! If it's the same for the women, a line must form early in the morning.

Kathe said...

Not for the faint hearted, for sure! Reminds me of a hostel I once stayed in up in Anacortes, WA. Had ants in the shower. Also a bus in the back yard that evidently only cost 50cents a night to sleep there. I've seen pictures of someone shining an infrared light on the bedding in hotels/motels that creep you out. Not to mention bed bugs in even the better places. Trick is to be healthier than the cooties! :)

Debby said...

Wow! That's a fancy rainfall shower head for such a rustic bathroom. I like it the set-up though. I like that it is clean. I like that people take care of it
and even add amenities. The sign is a hoot.

No lizards for Beans?!!! Poor thing!