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Friday, March 31, 2023

Tour of the Neighborhood part 2


Continuing on with our tour we come to the only other woman I know of being here.  She is Japanese, middle age and just a wisp of a woman.  I’d be surprised if she weighed 100 pounds.  Texas license plates.  I imagine there is a story with her.  A lot of solo female nomads have a story of escaping a bad situation.  It is sad but true.  I have visited with several over the years and found it not uncommon.

Going around the turn on the camp road the rest of the residents are out of sight from where we are.  So I don’t know how old they are, what they look like or if they have so much hair I’d be unconfortable.

All I can say is this guy has a lot of stuff strewn about, clothes lines strung up and appears to have been there quite a while.  Notice the white van in the distance.  There also is a silver one like that nearby.  I didn’t take their pictures but they do count in the census.  The white van had walker with wheels outside.

Next up this guy had South Dakota plates like the previous guy which tells me they are full time nomads such as we are.  He too appeared to have been here a long time.  Lots of stuff outside.

Notice how tall the grass is under his trailer.  Been here awhile.  Four propane tanks.  The black and orange thing collects his sewage.  The board leaning against the side is to block the sun from hitting where his refrigerator is.

The orange hose is draining off his grey water (dishwater and cleaning up water) running it off into the grass.  Not particulary Kosher but at least it isn’t black water (toilet).  He hooks up that little short hose on the grey container with wheels to empty black water.  Probably goes over to the state park next door to dump it in their dump station when no one is around.  Notice the lawn mower.

On down further is another with South Dakota plates.  He too is running his grey water off watering a patch of grass.  Solar panel leaning against chair.
Now any of these last three and the two unphotographed vans could have a woman but I have only seen the dog lady and the Japanese woman use the women's rest room and shower.

Last as we round the turn and head for home is my nearest neighbor about a hundred yards from us.
Late 30’s something guy from Virginia. Another with shoulder length hair and a beard.
Uncomfortable looking in this heat.

That is his solar panel on the ground.  He’s quiet with no generator or dog.  But every once in a while I hear him hacking, coughing up a lung.
Huh!  He packed up and left while I was composing this.
We have this entire side of the park to ourselves now!

- comment reply -

“The last photo of the campsite didn’t have any discussion since you were talking about hair.”
The last camp shown was the woman with three dogs and long grey hair.  That is about all I know of her.

Usually these abandoned RVs have had the plates removed but I didn’t look at this one.  It smelled of mold and mildew funk as the rain got in the open windows.  If there was a body inside, I want no part of that.  I don’t want to have to go downtown and answer endless questions from the authorities.


Anonymous said...

Are you board at your camp?

Debby said...

No... I meant the police. It seems as if the police would be all over this. I certainly don't think you should try to figure it out.

Kathe said...

Those folks seem to be hardcore. Not your Canadian Snowbirds, for sure. My heart goes out to a woman who is so afraid she feels she needs to hide out. I wonder how many are armed. Guy in van sounds like ex-military, but then, what do I know?

Barbara Rogers said...

And with no hook-ups or generators, no elec. to run air conditioners! They are grateful to find shade to park in and deal with Texas heat. THose little boxes weren't built to stay cool! Of course a tent has some positives for heat, but then the bugs and snakes have to be considered. Ooops, I'm a real grump today, sorry.