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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Tour of the Neighborhood


Falcon County Park, Falcon Heights, Texas

There is about twelve campers left here in the park.  Most all as you shall see appear to have been here for a very long time.  Only us and one other seems to be just a traveler passing through.  So we will start at one end of the park and make a loop.

Let’s see what the first camper is like.

This trailer sits at the end of the row down from the bath/shower rooms.
Notice propane tanks up front are missing.
I opened that side door.  It stunk bad.  I didn’t stick my head in any further.

Makes you wonder why someone would abandon it.
If you have been with us for some time you know this isn’t the first abandoned camper we have come across.  Notice child’s ride-in toy truck at the rear.

Next up from the trailer is this young guy.  Long dark hair in a pony tail.  Keep that in mind.  Looks to be in his 40’s.  

He has a huge Harley Davidson motorcycle undercover.  I have seen him ride out a couple of times.  Don’t think I have ever seen the truck leave.  He lives in the trailer used to haul the motorcycle.

Next in line is this guy.  He is in a white minivan.  He leaves every day and comes back late in the day or after dark.  Perhaps he has a job nearby.  He appears to be in his 50’s.  He is camped directly in front of us a couple hundred yards away or so.  If he comes in late he wears a head lamp to see what he is doing around outside.  My goodness!  That lamp is so bright that if he lifts his head up in our direction it lights up the whole inside of our home and I am not exaggerating.  I cannot even look at it.

Last in line, right near the community center and bath house is the last guy in the row.  He is a big fellow.  Probably at 300 pounds or so.  I have never seen him go any further than the community center or bath house.  He sits in the tent or at the center all day.  Now I am not judging him one bit.  In fact a feel bad for him.  He has shoulder length hair and a scraggly short beard.  The thing is we have had a series of hot days, some nearing 100 degrees.  It got so hot that one day I got the clippers out and cut all my hair off down to a half an inch.  Oh my goodness!  I felt so much more comfortable without all that hair.  How can this poor man be comfortable and I weigh half what he does and have almost no hair?

Notice he has ran an extension cord from the electricity in the patio area to his tent.  He could be powering a small refrigerator.  I see no satellite dish so it isn’t a TV.  No wait...maybe he has a little air conditioner in there keeping him comfortable.  He also has a little black dog.  A pup that looks like someday will be a big dog.  The dog doesn’t like me.

Then on the other side of the bath house and office is Chuck, the unofficial camp host.

So we already know Chuck has been coming here for eleven years, with the last three years not leaving.

I noticed a little sign with Chuck’s name and “Navy CPO”.  Chief Petty Officer.

Across the camp road from Chuck is one of only two women that I know of here at the park.
This woman is in her 60’s and has three dogs.  Two are large dogs that wander around wearing harnesses but no leash.  They don’t bother anyone or make a sound.  Only thing I can think of bad is them leaving deposits here and there but I don’t go close to investigate.  The third dog is another matter.  It is a small dog and always on a leash.  She will leave it in the RV if she goes to shower and the thing yips and cries endlessly.  Annoying.  It will even do so when she is around.  I can hear her yell BE QUIET!

I suppose the tent is just a place for her and the dogs to lounge about some.  Just guessing.  Now back to the subject of hair.  She has very long grey hair.  Again, that seems so uncomfortable in this heat coupled with the fact that she is a large woman.  I see many women living this nomad type of life with a full head of long hair.  That seems like so much work to keep clean when your water is scarce and you don’t have a shower available all that often. 

If I were a woman living on the road I’d have real short hair.  Remember the French/Canadian woman that couldn’t read my English books I tried to give away, she had real short hair.  Her hair was like this.  I thought that very smart, easy to care for and looked nice.

We will continue our camp tour tomorrow. 


Barbara Rogers said...

Ah, very nice haircut. But the last photo of a camp site didn't have any explanation, since you were into the hair discussion...??

Kathe said...

I wonder what they do with the abandoned trailers? That one looks way too nice to just throw away. If I were the tent guy I sure would find out. It's like a little town there. What would you name it?

Ellen D. said...

I think that people with long hair can tie it up if they get hot. I often wonder about football players with long hair having to bunch it up under their helmet. To each their own, tho...

Vicki said...

I always had long hair until a few years ago. I live in Florida but I was used to the heat so it didn't bother me much.

I want to tell the woman with 3 dogs that she shouldn't yell at the poor little one. Maybe she should show it some love when that happens. I rescued a puppy mill dog and every so often she has flashbacks of someone hurting her so she starts screaming and it scares the heck out of me. I quickly pick her up and calmly tell her that I love her, what a good girl she is, and rub her and she quickly calms down.

Anonymous said...

Short hair requires frequent cutting. Too costly.

happyone said...

What an interesting blog you have. I've just found you and I will certainly be back. :)

Debby said...

That abandoned camper? It stinks? There isn't a body in there , right? I am surprised this did not warrant an investigation. They should be able to run the plates to figure out who it belongs to. Where are they?

Upriverdavid said...

That was really too nice a rig to abandon. Maybe the person took the tanks to get filled and got hit by a meteorite?
Just a thought, that's the way I want to go. If I have a choice.
Sitting out in the swell Idaho-Montana-Wyoming areas, with an ice cold ale in my paws. Looking up at the universe. Here comes a shooter! Wow! It's getting brighter....POOOOF!..There goes David, doing what he enjoys...RIP>