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Friday, March 10, 2023

Vanishing Lake

 San Pedro Campground
Amistad Reservoir (means friendship as it is the border with Mexico
Del Rio, Texas

I walked on over to the group camp area.
You like shuffleboard?  I do.
Does anyone ever play it these days?

Stepping out off the edge of the area a sea of dry (dead?) trees stretched out as far as I could see.
Did the reservoir once reached back in there?

Looking down at my feet the ground was littered in shells.

The water at once time was indeed right up to the edge of the campground.

Right above the word ‘...ground’ is where I was standing.
You can see where the water once was and where it was when the photo was taken.
Now that is even gone from my view.

I read that the a Park Service quit collecting fees since the water level was so low.
Five days of playing with the fee machine and not once did the Park Ranger check my tags. He drives through each day.  I noticed other campers who had been here longer than us never did have a tag displayed.  I quit playing with the machine each day.

- comment reply -
I only had four quarters left when done.  And the place didn’t have a change machine.
I’ll find a car wash along the way and load up my bag with quarters for the next time.


Barbara Rogers said...

Nothing sadder than a dried up lake or reservoir. I immediately thought of all the wild animals who had depended upon it. Our laundromat has 2 change machines...a new bigger one was installed, but they kept the old one. Plenty of quarters available...but they have a staff which does laundry for people, so they keep the place clean and operating.

Kathe said...

Water is the main subject down here, isn't it?