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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

We Have Arrived...Finally

 Falcon, Texas

Look for the black circle at the bottom of the Texas map.
That is where we are

Why are we here? (black arrow)

For the weather.  
I learned of this place from a fellow traveler last season.  It sounded like a possibility for a place to stay for future winter seasons without being so cold, maybe not even have to run the heater.

What this is is a county park.  It is free to stay here, with no time limit. 
I just have no idea how populated it gets during the winter, but it is a large area.

It has water, trash pickup, restrooms and even a shower all at no cost.
Now I admit the last two days I was shaking my head while driving here.
  Geez, this is a long way to go.  It better be worth it.
If I look at it for the long term, then it would be worth the drive next year.
My main worry is being able to stay for months without going bonkers.
That white building is the restroom/shower.

We could break up the time by staying some back at San Pedro Campground up north. 
It too would have nice weather in the winter.
Remember the French/Canadians I tried to give my books too but they didn’t read English?
Well they are here now too.

It is poopy overcast drizzly weather now and I don’t want to be out in it.  
I’ll get better pictures later.  
Tomorrow will be sunny at 96 degrees (35C).  Weird.

- comment reply -

I did not know JB Weld made a windshield glass repair.  Thank you for telling me Debby.


Terra said...

It sounds like you have two new potential spots to stay for the winter, with warm temperatures. The price is right too (free) on the newest place you found.

Cathy said...

I’m really hoping this comment ‘sticks’. I’ve been trying for weeks but they never publish, just float off into space somewhere.
Thanks for the botany lessons - quite a while back - that’s how long I’ve been trying to comment.

I’f you stayed here for a while how would you ‘save your spot/site’ if you wanted to leave for the day or two. There don’t seem to be any ground markers - is it first come first claim your stake or are there recognised sites.

Take care out there

Debby said...

You might try researching a bit. There are quite a few different brands. That campsite looks like it ticks ALL the boxes. Showers. Trash pick up. Free.

Kathe said...

I'm looking forward to Bean and you rambling and seeing the local flora and human fauna. The towns might be interesting. Expect GOOD!