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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

What Was Behind the Doors


Curiosity got to me wondering what was in those cabinets in the “office”.
When I went to drop off trash, I’d look into it.

Hardware.  Not an eight-piece china setting.

This time I noticed a table saw setting in the corner.
I had overlooked that before.
Who would donate a table saw?

Back over at the covered “community center” I tried to get a better photo of the bird brochure hanging up in the glass display case.  Several times I have seen birders come through the camp area.  This area of Texas is big on birding.  In fact the welcome sign into Roma touts itself as part of the World Birding Center.  All we have around us it seems are Northern Mockingbirds.

One day I did notice one of these (internet photo) flying about.
A Crested Caracara.

Someone had dropped off a power bank.  Adaptor missing.

And I noticed a pet carrier this time when I dropped off two already-read books.
I have a pet carrier I found in Quartzite years ago.  Beans doesn’t like it.
She’d rather walk into the vets office or have me carry her.

I went in to take a better photo of the drain system for the shower so you have a better understanding as to how it flows out across the walkway on the other side into the weed garden.

- comment replies -

Barbara commented on if I read and commented on other people’s blogs... yes, I realize that is how one cultivates followers.  That is what I did all the time when I started blogging and in doing so gathered up a couple hundred followers.  Then when I began this nomad style of living I quickly found out I didn’t have the time to keep at it.  I was spending more time on the computer researching where to go, where to stay, writing the blog and journal (eBooks) plus following the few nomad YouTubers I follow.  Maybe what I should say is I have the time but I grow tired of being in front of a computer screen more easily these days.  I appreciate all who follow us even if all do not comment.  I don’t comment all that frequently myself.

Thank you Karla for finding out that the one house on Chapeno Road was for sale.  Some of you out there are really good investigators.  $90,000.  Just think, we can stay where we are in our tiny home just down the road for free.  Then where it gets to be 101 degrees (40 C) as it is supposed to be next Tuesday, we can move on to cooler places.  And it looks like that is what we will be doing next week.  Sorry to have to leave Flacon County Park but at least it looks like we now have a new winter home to come to in 2023. 


Debby said...

Oooh. Looking forward to the new travels. But I'd be hard pressed to tell you where to go. My gosh, don't head south. The storms there are devastating. And things are rough in the midwest too. It's still pretty cold up north. California if flooding.

PS: nobody has trouble telling ME where to go.

Barbara Rogers said...

That's ok, I do have time to sit at computer and you need to be driving some of the time in order to take these interesting photos to share here! Looking forward to your next jaunt.

Kathe said...

What a valuable FIND for you! A winter home. I love your curiosity peeking into things. Curiosity is something we should hold on to as long as we live. As for pulling up and moving on, folks have children and that's not good for them. You are at an age you are free to do that now. More folks should, at least part of the time. They would live happier and longer. And the kids would get a break from caring for the old folks. Life is so much about timing, and not missing that window, isn't it?

TexWisGirl said...

I do miss the birding in Texas. I had a few cara caras around. Nice!