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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Beans’ Pesky Friend

 (Forgot to set post for publishing)

This woman and her fat one-eyed chihuahua has been camped near us for a week now.

Every time we go out the dog wants to come over to see Beans.  Beans isn’t interested.

With the first encounter the dog was too hyper.  The woman had its harness and leash on it trying to keep it under control.  I was just afraid Beans would take out the other eye but nothing happened.

This time she had had enough.  She is too much like her Dad.
I just want to be left alone.

I’ll just climb a tree.

Problem solved.

This is much nicer.

Hey Buster, go eat a frog why don’t ya!


Barbara Rogers said...

well, this post didn't show in my feed this morning. I just clicked your name to find it...glad Beans knows what to do with dogs!

Barbara Rogers said...

And now it up in full glory. Better late than never!!

Kathe said...

They will have to write on Beans report card, "Does not play well with others." Hope little creepy dog didn't get too rejected.

Debby said...

Well, this made me chuckle! Beans took it until she couldn't take any more.

Vicki said...

The little dog is cute and probably just lonely. Maybe Beans will get used to her/him and they will become friends.