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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Beans Visits Turtle Pond


I don’t really want to go here.

Let’s get this over with.

See the turtles Beans?

Yeah, yeah. Let’s go back home.

Can’t you see my tail is fluffed up?  I don’t like it here!

Purple Groundcherry


Barbara Rogers said...

Poor Beans...must have smelled some other critters that used that path just last night. Maybe someone who is bigger than Ms. Beans...and would eat her right up! On the other hand, she doesn't seem interested in distant still turtles. My cats taught me they hunted by looking for movements...and you must admit, those turtles didn't provide much excitement!

Damselfly said...

Poor Beans. For a reason known only to her, Beans really did NOT like being on the path to the turtle pond. Hope she relaxed and felt better once you were home.
Even if you & Beans may not have been out long, check for ticks. They're crawling and somewhat plentiful this spring.
Stay safe & well.

Debby said...

Beans should write a blog post on how hard it is to get you trained to her satisfaction.

I love how turtles line up on a log.