A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Friday, May 5, 2023

Dead Warrior Lake


When they damed up Dead Indian Creek the resulting reservoir they named Dead Warrior Lake. 

This is as close as the waterfowl allows me to get.

I found this Buffalo Gourd that escaped the wrath of the lawnmower brigade.

Some bush-crafter built a windscreen for their campfire.
The dog in the white van barked at me as did two other dogs on my walk.
Dogs don’t like me.

This is about the extent of my wildlife photography successes. 

I should just stick to wild cats.  Even they are difficult to photograph at times.

- comment reply -

“Does Beans like the pond area?”

I can’t get her to go that far.  Looks like we will be here another week so maybe she will change her mind.


Kathe said...

Beans is a gal that KNOWS what she likes! You made the cut, John. :)
One spark from the fire and that wind screen will be an inferno.
I wonder if Beans misses the openess of the desert? You can't see a lot in grass when you are a foot tall. And she's obviously a hunter and turtles are boring. I do love that water!

Debby said...

That is an interesting picture of Bean's coloring. She almost looks as if she's growing moss!

I'd never heard of Indian gourd. I assume that it can be eaten. Do the gourds get large enough to be used for water containers, etc. There seems to be a lot to forage there, food wise.