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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Gutsy Women


I had been looking for this book for a long time in all the used bookstores I go to.  No luck.  I finally gave up and looked online.  My goodness!  I could buy a new copy from a bookstore in England for eleven dollars and some change which included shipping to the States.  How can they make a profit on that?  This is the package I went to pick up in Cheyenne the other day.

Back in 1982 at the age of twenty-three, Elspeth (I love that name) set off on a 35,000 mile solo adventure around the world on her 1974 BMW motorcycle.  This was back in the days before satellite navigation, electronic communication and even maps were hard to come by.  Sounds daunting doesn’t it?  But that is only because we know what we have available today.  It was just more adventurous back then.  I wish I would have done something like that forty years ago.  I’ll say no more on that subject.

I follow a woman on YouTube traveling the world on her motorcycle.  She’s been at it for the same time Beans and I have been traveling the U.S.  Currently she is in Senegal, West Africa.  In between her present day video postings I have been re-watching her videos from previous countries.  Here is shot of her, a Dutch woman on a motorcycle meeting a Swedish woman on a bicycle on a dirt road in the Andes Mountains of southern Chile.  This was just before the plandemic hit.  The bicyclist mentioned that she had cycled through Africa also.  True adventurers.  I so admire women like them.

My big adventure?  I finally screwed up the courage to get in the water.  I think last weekend’s three days of 90 plus degree heat (35 C) warmed the water up some.  It was quite refreshing and I’ve been jogging up and over the dam every day since to take a dip.


Debby said...

I knew an elderly woman, a teacher by profession. She's been gone for years. She and her husband traveled on the summer breaks. She had the most wonderful stories of traveling through Asia and Europe by car. Imagine a time when you could simply go, before the time of wars and political unrest and kidnappings and all of it. One of her favorite trips was driving through Iran and Iraq. Can you imagine?

RedPat said...

I watch Itchy Boots too. She is incredible and goes places and does things that I would never have the nerve to do. And it all works out!

Kathe said...

What a wonderful thing. Jogging to your bathtub.

Barbara Rogers said...

Super to hear you're getting wet (with 90s to dry you back off). These women are/were setting a standard for more young women coming along to take their lives in their own hands on whatever wheels they choose. So glad to hear about them. Thanks. PS, in 74 I drove 10,000 miles throughout the US west in the summer with two little boys. One would say he was pretty big, of course. I also picked up a few hitch hikers!! Should write a book!