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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Medicine Lodge City Park


Medicine Lodge, Kansas (pop. 1781)

For a small town they have a nice swim facility ready to go for the hot Kansas summer.

The play area for the kids was nice.  It put a smile on my face thinking the future doesn’t look so grim for the kids after all.  These kids growing up in a small town have hope.

By the looks of the tennis court, tennis didn’t catch on in Medicine Lodge.

But baseball is alive and healthy with two complete well-made baseball diamonds.

This was a first for me, having free wi-fi in a park.
Unfortunately we are parked across the road from the baseball fields and the wi-fi is weak
unable to connect.  I don’t need it but just thought it was nice anyway.

There are even showers here but…no hot water.

The next day I caught the maintenance crew who stopped by to unclog the women’s toilet.
I asked about the hot water.  He checked the breaker panel and found the switch flipped off.  
“click”  You should have hot water in an hour or so.
Thank you.


Barbara Rogers said...

Ah the comfort of hot showers! Simple pleasures. Maybe the kids will have a game tomorrow night. Or maybe just practice. It's pretty early in the season, until school is out. Some are already, some aren't. I ate supper in my car one evening lately watching the coaches teach basic baseball skills to what looked like 4 year olds, but they must have be 8. Tiny all of them.

Kathe said...

I love the way you just ask. It can't hurt. And sometimes it means HOT showers! Yay! Getting ready for summer is such a wonderful time of year. I just wish I could ask Beans if when you cross a state line she knows it. Animals are amazing creatures. I can just hear her thoughts as she's laying in your lap and you drive over that line. "Yup! We're in Kansas now." I hope Dad finds a hot shower soon. ;)

Debby said...

Looks like a community that loves its kids.

Debby said...

PS, there has never been a man that enjoyed getting himself into hot water as much as you do.

Damselfly said...

My father always said... "If you don't speak up and ask, you'll miss half your life." Good on you for asking the maintenance fellas about the hot water! Hope you enjoyed a good hot shower.

happyone said...

The slide into the water sure looks like fun!!
Good thing you asked about the hot water.

Upriverdavid said...

I saw my buddy, Barn Kat, hunting something last week. It was a lizard.
I guess Beans & B.K. are related (;+)........