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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Napawalla Park


Oxford, Kansas (pop. 1048)

Napawalla Park was our destination when we got sidetracked staying at Walmart in Wellington.

It was only twelve miles to Oxford.

This was a nice park in that we could park most anywhere in it on the grass.  Numerous power poles were situated around the park to plug into for $15 a night.  Of course we went to the cheap district off to the end  of the park for $3.50.
Nice pay station with envelopes.  No going to City Hall.
No showers and again very weak cell service, no fault of the park.

The park had a disc golf course, not unusual for these city parks but offering a free disc to try your hand at the sport was unusual.  I don’t think that will catch on as the discs were not returned.

Nothing fancy with the play area but they did have a nausea-inducing spinner-go-round that was made out of wood instead of metal.  You were given the chance of getting splinters in your butt when slung off from the wheel-of-death at high speed.

We were down at the far reaches of the park well away from about four or five campers congregated together which appeared to be for some time judging by the grass growth around and under their rigs.
I wondered what they paid for a long-term stay.
I wouldn’t want to stay for a long time.  I ran out of things to repair.  So we will move on in the morning.

I think Beans has converted herself to be an Indoor Cat.  The last several places she will go outside soon after we arrive and then want back in.  This place with no one around I still had to kind of drag her along.  Then I picked her up and carried her.  No interest.  I want to go home!
I think she would be different if we were in the desert having lizards for her to chase. 
 Otherwise she seems content to stay inside all the time. 
Maybe we will go back to the desert next winter.  I miss the desert too.


Kathe said...

The merry go round is for little kids to stand on so no splinters. I grew up with one which is still in the school yard. One kid would take ahold and run in a circle getting it going and then jump on. You took turns. The older kids would keep it going for the little kids. It's still there.
I think you're right about Beans missing something to chase. She's a hunter. Maybe you could hide and run for her. Instead of Cat and Mouse it could be Cat and John. Don't let anyone see you though. ;)

happyone said...

Had lots of fun on those merry go rounds as a kid.:)

Damselfly said...

Interesting that Beans seems to have lost interest in going outside for more than a quick look-see. Perhaps she senses the increased number of ticks in the grassier/weedier/brushier areas you've been in recently. Or maybe not. Tis hard to decipher the workings of the feline mind. 😊😸
Have a safe & pleasant weekend. The highways, roads, and parks may be a tad busier this weekend as it's Memorial Day weekend.

Debby said...

We had wooden teeter totters too. Polished smooth by many butts.

Upriverdavid said...

I have an old Frizbee you can borrow..When through with it you can just fling it back to me..
Mine always flew sideways-upside-down..Was there a song along the same lines?..The Stones?