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Saturday, May 6, 2023

Recreation Trail


I have yet to walk the entire trail but will.

The gate to the trail is at the end of the parking area.

A walkway extends out over the waters of the pond.  Frustratingly, everything that lives here dives or flys out of sight before I get to see them not to mention even taking a picture.
But this walkway brought back a memory for me.

 It was long ago with Sinbad we were in Louisiana and we had stopped somewhere that had a nature trail.  The trail was a wooden walkway out over and through the swamp.  My first time ever seeing a swamp.  I was so excited thinking I would see my first alligator.  I didn’t see any but I still enjoyed the experience.  Later when we reach the Everglades, I saw my alligators up close, right there along the trail I was hiking on.  A never-to-be-forgotten hike.

Yellow Salsify

Some time ago a kind person gifted me a hundred tea bags of Yorkshire Tea.  
I just enjoyed the last tea bag the other day.
Thank you kind person.

 - comment reply -

Debby, I looked back on the blog main page and it showed Comment removed by author.  I do see your comments in the comment page of the editing part of Blogger.  Another thing though is that your comments are the only ones that do not come in through my email.  Everyone else does.  You must live in an alternative universe. 


There is tall grass around us and Beans wants to go in it.  She hunts by sound.  I don’t want to walk around in there.  Ticks.


Debby said...

I did delete a comment because I left a word out. But I corrected it and resubmitted. Hm...an altername universe. That surely would explain a lot.


It seems as if it would be an affordable luxury.

Kathe said...

Of course she would like the grass. What was I thinking? Look at the lions on the Savannah.
I'm pretty sure I don't want to walk next to alligators. You are more adventurous than me.
Ticks are terrible in ND if they've had a lot of rain that year. They seem worse than when I was a kid. I only remember one time Mom removing one that had burrowed into the top of my brother's head. They are truly NASTY!

happyone said...

I'd sure enjoy walking along the trails!!