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Monday, May 15, 2023



Woodward, Oklahoma

Monday morning was wet with a 15 mph wind wind blowing out from the north.  At 8:15 a.m. the rain let up and we made our way down the road to Clayton Propane visioning all types of scenarios that could go wrong.*  We pulled in and a guy was filling one of their trucks.  “Oh say, let me move this for you and you can pull right in.”  Super nice friendly people.  I told him that I could wait, I was in no hurry and was just grateful to be able to get the propane.  He moved the truck anyway.  He did pretty much confirm what I was thinking about the availability of propane in these parts.  Not many options.

(Had to use a Google Maps photo due to the dismal conditions)

Rather than fight the weather driving I accepted our fate with a smile (propane happiness) and we would spend another day and night at Walmart.  Beans had howled at me on the drive to the propane place.  Guess she didn’t want to drive today.

The homeless Walmart employee had followed us over to the other side of the parking lot.  Why?

* why I was concerned about something going wrong?
“We don’t fill RV tanks. We sell by weight, not volume.”
“Our fitting is broken.  We will have a new one in a week.”
“Our hose isn’t long enough to reach your tank.”
“We can only fill from the truck and he is out making deliveries.”
“The guy who does this is not here.  He is out on a call.”
“We are out of propane.  Not sure when the truck is coming.”
All of these scenarios and more I have run into over the years.


Terra said...

It sounds like you had success in obtaining propane, that is quite a list of difficulties getting propane in the past. That is good news you got it.

Kathe said...

Sounds like those were logical thoughts based on past experience. The 'pleasently surprised' part is wonderful. You're a realist.
I'm thinking she was seeking the protection of someone who could hear if she had trouble during the night. She sounds like one of those folks that doesn't give up and will find herself a way to get out of the hole she's in. She's part way there. She has a job. Women are pretty resilent creatures.
I'm glad you're filled with gas again, John. ;)

Damselfly said...

Glad to hear the propane fill-up was successful! A bit of peace of mind for you & Beans.
Perhaps the Walmart employee moves around the parking lot so as not to attract attention and run the risk of having her car towed. I sincerely hope her situation improves.
Hope the weather improves and you & Beans feel comfortable getting back on the road.
Stay safe & well.

Debby said...

Now you're cooking with gas!!!!!