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Thursday, May 18, 2023

The Big PowWow Pavilion


Medicine Lodge, Kansas

This sits beyond the children’s playground in the city park.

They must stretch a canvas tent, tarps or buffalo skins around this framework.

Just look at some of those names given when the child was born.

I wonder if one was allowed to change their name later in life?
Dog Fat!??

What name would you want yours to be?

Me?  Wandering Squirrel?

The Apaches just cannot come to an agreement it seems.

The water never got hot.  They’ve got a bigger problem than simply flipping a switch.


Jackie M said...

Wandering Squirrel....I like it.

Debby said...

Spoiled Saddle Blanket? Now there is a story behind that name! Did his mother give birth on horseback?

PS: No Hot water? That stinks.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh pooh, hot water being a man's (and woman's) way to sooth the tight muscles. Love the pavilion...which uses shade forms to create pow wow...in the past they were covered with leafy branches to provide shade, I think. Loved to read the names of the Native Americans from each tribe. Yes, you could sure be traveling squirrel.

Kathe said...

Life is rarely as easy as flipping a switch. Disappointing!
Mandan and Sioux tribes where I grew up. Wonder if they were part of the 5 tribe treaty. I also wonder if there was even one treaty our nation did not break with the native nations.
My name would have to be She Who Sits In Fresh Cowpies. I thought it would be a good adventure when I was 5.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Tha can call me Grey Hair

Upriverdavid said...

Waddle Ling Wandering Duck:Here.

happyone said...

Walking Woman