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Thursday, May 4, 2023

The Pond


Black Kettle National Grasslands, Oklahoma

The pond on this side of the dam is the result of the outflow from the reservoir
 and part of the original Dead Indian Creek.
It sits on just the other side of a fence with a walk-through from our camp/picnic area

Ducks come in here, big bullfrogs live here and all other sorts of wildlife all too shy to allow me to get a picture.  They all fly away or dive into the water as soon as they see me.

Even the turtles sunning themselves on the outflow pipe all dive into the water when I come in from the far side of the pond well away from them.  See two here.  Found out that they are Ornate Box turtles, native to this area and a threatened species.

This could be duckweed but I am unable to get close to inspect it closely.
I love the brilliant green color.

Blackfoot Daisy

The other day this guy came roaring through on a riding lawnmower creating all type of havoc, kicking up dirt, slinging rocks and disturbing our peace and serenity.  When he was done, all my wildflowers were gone, chopped down, shredded and pulverized.

- comment reply -
Vickie’s comment about the weirdest dead animal seen on the road got me to thinking.  I would have to say for me it would be armadillos.  They are not unusual or weird for south Texas it is just they are strange to me.  Unfortunately I have only seen dead ones, roadkills, never a live one.  I have seen way too many sad roadkills (cats) and one time a baby deer got hit right in front of us.  That ruined my day.


Kathe said...

We lived on a lake up in Washington. Every Spring the frogs would come out and sing at night. I loved that sound. Such a lovely area you're in.
Evidently the guy in on the lawn mower didn't understand about the importance of bees who need those flowers.
Does Beans like the pond area? Her little feetsies will get wet.

happyone said...

Lovely photos.
Too bad about all the wild flowers getting mowed down. Happens here too along the sides of the road.

Debby said...

You know, John, my comments are disappearing