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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

There is No Rush.


Wellington, Kansas (pop. 7715)

Known for “…hot, humid summers” and a F4 tornado that destroyed 130 homes and businesses, killing ten people on May 27, 1892.  It is May 25.  We better get a move on.

Wellington was twenty-some miles east from Argonia.  The plan was to stop and pick up a few items at Walmart then move on further east to another city park.

Walmart had been banished to the countryside outside of the city.  
As such, we found it nearly as peaceful and quiet as Argonia’s River Park.

Nothing across the highway.  Why go on to the next town city park not knowing what it may be like?

So after shopping, fixing lunch, we decided to stay for the night and enjoy the good cell service and wifi.

Scenic too with a small creek off to the side.

So what do I do when sitting in a Walmart parking lot all day?  I break things then repair them.
This is a dish I have used for feeding all the cats I have had for the past fifty years.  That’s right, 50.  It has taken a beating ever since it joined me for life on the road.  Some of these breaks are from my stepping on it but most are from something falling out of the refrigerator.  That is what happened this time.  I open the freezer, frozen items fell out and I didn’t catch them all.  It broke clean in half again.  This time I did a proper repair scraping away all the Goop I had used before and put the two halves together with Super Glue.  The other breaks at the top are still holding but they are next for the Super Glue fix. 


Barbara Rogers said...

Cute plate, but poor Beans (and all other cats) cleaning a plate with their sensitive tongues, running into all those cracks. Just kidding. But on the other hand, if you do use this for liquids at all, please do something to sterilize it - cracks are excellent places for bacteria to enjoy the ride. This I learned when cracks appear in ceramic dishes/mugs/bowls etc...they shouldn't be used any more for eating, but make great planters.

Kathe said...

I'm betting you could name all the kitties that ate from that plate. Front and center in John's Museum of Cat Lore.
I love the idea of box stores being banned to the country and building back Town Squares. Perhaps there is still enough glue in our hearts to long for the hearts of towns to be repaired.

Debby said...

Have you ever thought about getting a couple net bags to stick your freezer stuff in? That way if things shifted while you were on the move, when you opened the door, you'd be catching a bag instead of juggling a bunch of things ~ which based on the look of that bowl, I'd say you are not a great juggler. ;)

Damselfly said...
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Damselfly said...

Not certain as to the food safe status of what you've used before (Goop).
Do know that Super Glue is NOT food safe.
Might be time to retire this food dish and find Beans a new dish.
Stay safe & well.

happyone said...

You sure have gotten your moneys worth with that dish.
I have a friend who collects alphabet dishes like that.
Sounds like a good Walmart to spend the night.

Upriverdavid said...

Is that a kittie dish? I'm not sure...Must be a clue somewhere?..