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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

This Looks Like Kansas, Toto


We had a 108 mile day ahead of us to our next stay.  By the time we would arrive it would be nearing time to fill up on fuel again.  So why not top off the tank here in Woodward, OK at the Walmart we’ve been at for the entire weekend?  This we did and we were under way in partly sunshiny skies.  
Sure happy to leave Woodward.

We stopped along midway at Waynoka, OK so Beans could stretch her legs and sniff around a bit.  Across the way was a run-down house with a pack of kids out front screaming and yelling plus what sounded like the dog pound around in the back.  Beans wanted nothing to do with stepping out of the camper.  
We moved on to the town limits.  

This didn’t last long with the loud trucks roaring by.
Sorry Beans.

Forty miles further and we were in Kansas!  Yippee!!
I really like Kansas.

Twenty-five miles more we arrived in Medicine Lodge, Kansas (pop. 1781) at their city park where we can stay for two days, plugged into electricity, for free.
This was our view pulling in…no one here.
It gets the Beans meow of approval.  For Dad too.


Kathe said...

Kansas looks beautiful. No wonder Dorothy loved it. I'm thinking lots of field mice for Beans. And soul soothing quiet for Bean's human.

Barbara Rogers said...

How sweet it is to have nature out your windows again! Good thing for both of you!

Debby said...

Enjoy Kansas and stay the heck away from rainbows! I'm pretty sure Beans would NOT like flying monkeys.

Damselfly said...

What a peaceful little park, and with free electrical hook-ups!
The clouds in the last photo look a bit threatening.
Hope you experience nothing more than a gentle spring shower, and you & Beans enjoy your stopover in Medicine Lodge, KS.
Stay safe & well.