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Friday, May 19, 2023

Time’s Up


Medicine Lodge, Kansas

Our two-day stay limit at the city park, plugged into electricity, had come to an end.  That was okay.  We were ready to move.  There was one other electrical post one could plug into at the camp area.  A couple towing a trailer came in on the first afternoon we were there and evidently the electrical issues at the park wasn’t limited to the hot water tank for the showers.  That other plugin didn’t work and they moved their trailer over next to us.  They were so close she could have handed a cup of coffee to me out from their kitchen window.  So when they left early in the morning I worried about who’s next?   Then there were the afternoon baseball practices.  Little kids, girl’s softball and young men.  I could deal with that for awhile.  What bothered me was one loud-mouth coach who always yelled at them (the girl softball I think) stuff like What do you think you’re doing?  Don’t just stand there.  Move, move move!  I would have quit the team.  Also it was the end of school picnic time and both days kids from school trooped on by to go down to the play area to spend the day.  Guess what I learned?  Fourth through sixth graders are way louder than first through third graders. 

I had a package to pick up at the post office and it had arrived that day.  I had a nice visit with the lady at the counter.  She told me it is somewhat boring working there.  She also told me she once worked in the prison system back in California for twelve years.  She had to get out from that.  It was making her be like the prisoners she watched over.  I cannot imagine.  I mentioned to her about the severe weather we were to have later this afternoon.  She said not to worry.  “It won’t happen.  Never does here.  It always goes around us.”

On the north edge of town lies this small lake where we could camp for free and that is where we are now.

Darci the post office lady was right.  The predicted hail, lightning and thunder never happened.
Just rain.


Debby said...

If I was a parent of one of those girls, I would not tolerate that coach. I wouldn't. Some coaches coach for their own glory, and winning becomes the goal. Hence the yelling. But the message this sends to a girl is that a man has a right to yell at them, and they have an obligation to do what they are told. That when he says 'jump' the response is 'how high?' The lesson is not one that any child should learn but especially not our daughters.

Sounds as if the post office lady could have a second career predicting the weather.

Kathe said...

Makes me happy to hear Darci found a good job in the middle of the country with mean coaches rather than murderous prisoners. I'm with Debby! That coach would hear from Mama!!!

Barbara Rogers said...

Glad you found a quiter place to weather the non-storm. On the coaching - it's possible the parents of those girls also talk to them that way...so they think its fine for coaches to intimidate kids to do what they want. Not many years ago most of us were raised that way. Our kids were the ones to start some positive parenting, though of course we tried our best.

happyone said...

In my experience that is how coaches are and why I never got into sports.