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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Turtle Transport Service


Black Kettle National Grassland, Oklahoma

It seems some of y’all want me to go swimming.  I walked up and over the dam to test the waters.
Walked in.  Too cold.  But hey, I found a quarter.

This would not have stopped me had the water been warmer.

On the way back up the dam what do I see halfway up?
I missed seeing him coming down because I was counting steps.

What was he doing on this side of the dam?  There is a pond on the other side at the outlet.

Had he climbed all the way up and over at sometime and now decided he liked it better back at the pond?

Well, I’ll help you out little guy.

Really pretty underside.  I wondered how he felt getting carried and being upside down?

At the pond, at least a day’s hike for him, I set him on the outlet pipe where I had seen two other turtles sunning themselves the day before.
Your lucky day!

Then I moved him over on the reeds closer to the water.  
About ten minutes later he was gone.  I missed it.

The next day on my walk up and over the dam (I am making it a daily exercise routine) I found another turtle on the downside this time.

He was half the size of the previous turtle.

Off to the pond you go.

Scarlet Globemallow.


Kathe said...

Great workout going up those steps. Good idea not to swim in really cold water.
I'm laughing thinking the turtle is thinking, "Why does that guy keep moving me? It took me all day to get here!" :)
I'm wondering if they're laying eggs?

Vicki said...

Whenever my kids or I see a turtle or any animal on a road we stop and carry him/her to the grass facing away from the road.

I've seen some weird animals dead on a road. The weirdest...I once saw a dead fish and another time I saw a big dead cow. Both were a few years ago and I still think about them once in a while, wondering how the heck they ended up dead on a road.

Debby said...
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