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Monday, May 22, 2023

Two Mysteries Solved


Barber County Lake, Medicine Lodge, Kansas

While relaxing trying to read I kept hearing an annoying sound above the refrigerator.  I took it for a bird on the roof messing around.  But it kept going on and off for a long time.  Too long for a bird for he would have lost interest and flew off by now.  Maybe it is behind the refrigerator?  Oh great, I bet it is mouse trapped in there somehow.  It was just dusk and I knew this would bother me wondering about it so I got up and went outside with a flashlight.  I removed the access panel.

When I did a swarm of moths flew out in the dozens.  
They had been banging around against the sheetmetal and the plastic panel.

Here are some that take shelter in the folds of the bike cover each night.

So this explained how each night I would have to get up and get that one moth that came in somehow and Beans would be chasing it around creating havoc when I would be trying to go to sleep.  How am I getting a moth in here each night when I am real careful when opening the door every time? 
Now I knew; one moth would find his way inside from behind the refrigerator each evening.

They also congregate in the hundreds behind these plastic signs next to us. 

When we left in the morning I noticed moth poop on the windows and the front hood of the RV.  There were these dark brown drops running down everywhere.  We went back to the No-Hot-Water Shower park to drop off trash and clean off all the moth poop.  Also, that night before we had five infiltrators.  This pretty much made up my mind to leave even though the rain didn’t happen.

Dreaming of moths.
Yeah, that is her tongue.  Guess she wasn’t sleeping after all. 

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Thank you happyone for the compliments about the blog.
  I also try to keep the posts short, simple and not too wordy,  
but cannot help it with all the Beans photos.  Just the way it is.


Barbara Rogers said...

Yikes! A moth infestation! Wonder what they actually eat...must be some vegetation around somewhere. I do hope yours are all over with by your next destination.

Kathe said...

We've been having lots of moths coming in this year too. I hate them! But not as much as mice!
I'm laughing thinking of the 3 Ring Circus at bedtime when Beans decides to deal with those that DARE to enter her domain!

Anonymous said...

I love your Beans photos ! Keep them coming.

Damselfly said...

Wow! Haven't seen so many moths clustered together in one place. Curious as to what kind of moth and what they eat. Hope they're all cleared out of the RV and bike cover, and not hitching a ride to your next destination.
Always enjoy photos of Beans!

Vicki said...

I've never seen more than a few few moths in my house, I wouldn't like that many, they leave gray dust looking stuff all over. The house I moved from a few years ago had a fireplace in the entertainment room. Once a year some ladybugs would come down the flue and stay either on the fireplace or ceiling. I didn't mind because I love ladybugs and they never came into the rest of the house.

Debby said...

I have never seen moths congregate like that before. Out in the country, every spring, we have an invasion of Asian Lady Bugs. I hate them so. Just hundreds of them. They winter under siding. In the spring, they begin crawling, and wind up getting in the house. They cover the windows. they are crawling everywhere. I used to suck them up with a vacuum and the worst part was, I'd be sucking them up multiple times a day.

I hate them as much as you hate your moths. Question though: do you know if that is something that happens every year? Is it a regional thing?

Damselfly said...

Like Debby above, I had questions about these critters. After a bit of searching, I came across a couple of articles about large emergences of moths in Kansas lately.
They're army cutwork moths, feed on plants, and they periodically emerge in large swarms... every 10-15 years according to a professor of entomology at Kansas State.

Here are a couple of links:


Damselfly said...

Danged autocorrect and/or fat fingers. 😊
The moths are army cutworm moths.