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Saturday, May 13, 2023



Woodward, Oklahoma (pop. 12,133)

On April 14, 1947 the deadliest tornado in Oklahoma history tore through Woodward destroying 100 city blocks, killing 107 people and injuring nearly 1000.  Let’s not make history this weekend, okay?

Woodward was a sixty-two mile drive north which had a Walmart to resupply at plus a Tractor Supply to fill the propane tank.  That was the plan.  First stop after beating headlong in a stiff breeze all morning was Tractor Supply.  I was successful in discovering the first ever Tractor Supply that DID NOT sell propane.  Several other places in town advertised selling propane but they all were only propane tanks, not filling an RV.  We stopped at an auto parts store in town to get rid of the dirty oil from the oil change I did back at Black Kettle.  I asked them where we could get propane for an RV.  The only place they knew of was Clayton Brothers just outside of town.  CLOSED Saturdays.  Another was in Selling, OK. 34 miles away.  CLOSES AT NOON.  It was 11:34 a.m.  Can’t make it in time.  So here we are stuck at a Walmart for the weekend.  We are going on into Kansas next and I just cannot take a chance of hoping to find propane along the way through the sparsely populated farmlands of southern Kansas.  
With having expectations, the mother of frustration, you can only get disappointed when those expectations are not met.  It is pointless.  Just treat each day as it comes and adjust accordingly.

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I see myself as a positive thinking, optimistic, glass-half-full kind of guy.  I just fail at being so when I look at little kids and think of their future in this world.  I can’t help it.  


Sandi said...

Oh, Lord. Hoping for no storms. You guys stay safe.

Barbara Rogers said...

How awful, to be known for a killer tornado. Hope you get your propane filled ok. Glad to hear of glass half full attitude.

Ellen D. said...

You certainly do have to try to plan ahead as you travel. Good thing you are so experienced now.

Debby said...

I think that every time I saw those dark cloud tumbled skies, I'd be nervous. Especially this year. It seems like they are happening somewhere almost daily.

Kathe said...

I wonder if they'll ever make electric motorhomes? :)