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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Use the Womens


Argonia, Kansas (pop.456)

Claim to fame:  Susanna M. Salter became the first woman to hold a political office in the U.S. when she was elected mayor of Argonia in 1887.

This town is fifty miles east of Medicine Lodge kind of out in nowhere.

For a small town River Park had a lot of spaces with hookups in this park, only three campers were here.
There was a rodeo arena close by so that may be why so many spaces to camp at.

We went to the low-rent district, the tent area, no hookups, for $5 a night.

Off to the side flows the Chikaskia River.

Nice that they have the pay drop with envelopes at the lone restroom.
None of this going to city hall to pay.
You can see how much money we are saving.

They even had showers.  The camp host said the mens is turned off because it leaks.
“Use the womens.”

Yeah, I can do that.
Hot water too!

Some of the local residents.

A small creek that flowed into the river…

…seen from the nature trail.

This park was very quiet and peaceful,

but the cell signal was very weak,

and we were disturbed by nine stowaways that evening…moths we brought with us.
By 10:30 p.m. Mothchaser and I got last one.

Whew!  Chasing moths is hard work.

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Check comments on previous post for Damselfly had two links about the moth infestation we experienced.  
Perfect timing on our part to be part of a once in a ten to fifteen year event.
Thank you Damselfly.


Debby said...

Behold Beans, the mighty hunter! LOL.

That does look like an awfully nice place to stay. $5 a night, no city hall, AND hot water! Just about perfect aside from the poor cell service. I'd be a bit wary of those geese too, having had a traumatic experience with an angry one once.

Kathe said...

What an idealic setting, even with moths. Think of it as getting your exercise. I killed one last night. I always say, "Sorry, but you know the rules. Stay outside and you get to live." Killed a cockroach in the garage too. They don't get to live inside or outside!

Barbara Rogers said...

Ah, the balance of life in the correct place where it's wanted! Good for Beans. Awful late to be out hunting...not for cats, but perhaps hoomans.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Mothchaser is worn out from her hard work! Thanks for all the good posts and for lots of wonderful pictures of Beans. Becky

Debby said...

You know, this just occured to me. You need to tread very carefully here. The last thing you need is to find yourself in hot water with a woman!!

Upriverdavid said...

I wonder if those moths are tasty? I'd say phooof...B.K. was out chasing a black beetle today. I'd think the moths would taste somewhat better.
Looking at those ugly rivers I wonder how amazed folks from the south and east are when they see our sweet-swell rivers in the Pacific NW...Running cool-cold and clear...40*-50* today in the Mighty COLUMBIA!