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Thursday, May 11, 2023

We’ve Been Invaded


Black Kettle National Grasslands

Just before ten Thursday morning a bright yellow bus pulled in disgorging a herd of little people,
first and second graders they looked to be.

They picked a good day to disrupt our peace and tranquility.  A light misty rain had just stopped, the sky was overcast and the wind was chilly.  Beans and I had no immediate outside plans.
Overall they weren’t bad and not all that noisy.  The part I don’t like being around little kids is that I start feeling bad for them.  What kind of world awaits them?  What kind of future could they possibly hope for in these times?  Poor kids.


Missy, the one-eyed Abyssinian beetle hound.  

You can’t bother me up here on the picnic table.

A regular turtle convention was going on the other day.

A blooming yucca.

Oh, something new.  I must lie on it.

I didn’t want to read my book anyway.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

If only all the big people across the world would follow those "RULLES".

Debby said...

I am a big fan of little people. Our best hope is that the little people will grow into big people who are a lot more sensible that the big people now. I guess that I am an optimist. Bad times, bad people do not last. In the end, all we need to be concerned about is ourselves and the stances we adopt, the choices we make. We need to pick a side, and we need to speak our truth. "What is" is not necessarily what will be.

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for sharing your day with critters and children...at a safe distance! Sorry you are not more hopeful about their futures. To me they offer a lot of hope...as Debby said above, to make the world a better place.

Kathe said...

I find myself encouraged when I read history. We have even survived The Dark Ages. There still is a God and contrary to the daily reports, He is not dead. Give yourself permission to have hope, John.
That Beans sure does boss you around. And you love it!:)

happyone said...

Love seeing all the turtles on the log!!