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Monday, May 8, 2023

“Where y’all From?”


Cheyenne, Oklahoma (pop. 771)

I had a package sent to general delivery here.  Tracking showed it would arrive Friday the 12th.  I was holding off going to the store until it arrived as it’s a little over ten miles south of where we are.  Monday morning, the 8th, my milk went bad.  I also received a text: package has arrived ready for pickup.  Sometimes the stars just align perfectly for me.

We were at the post office before they closed for lunch. 

Right across the street was their little market.  Cool!
I picked up mostly produce and passed on the milk as it was 1% with not that many days left.  I would check Dollar General on the way out of town.  The checkout girl chatted me up.
“Where y’all from?”
“Does it show?”
She nodded her head and smiled.
“Guess” I said.
“Oh, I’m not good at guessing.”
“Well, give it a try anyway.”
She tried to cheat looking out the window for my car.  I was parked around the side.  “Texas.”
“Why thank you.  No, but the truth of the matter is it is embarrassing.” 
“Oh, California!”
“You’re right.  But I left seven years ago and now live on the road.”
“Oh, I want to do that.  I have a van.”
I told her about a YouTube channel to watch to get ideas about living this lifestyle in a van.
“Thank you” she said.  “I like your shirt.”
My shirt was kind of a California beach style.  They don’t see that very much in Oklahoma evidently.

Then on over to Dollar General.  The beer locker was amusing to view.
I got my 2% milk.
I have to say everyone in this town was too friendly.  Perfect strangers going out of their way to be nice and friendly like. Way too much for me.  Just something I am not used to.

We were back home by 11:30.

- comment reply -

Why Beans didn’t like going to turtle pond, most likely as Barbara said, she smelled other critters having used that path.  Danger Dad.


Barbara Rogers said...

Glad to hear about friendly people in Cheyenne OK. You just never know who you're going to run into.

Ellen D. said...

Well, I guess they are not friendly to everyone...

Kathe said...

I guess turtles stink to Beans,huh?
Funny, the beer case. Money talks.
Sounds like a lovely town.

Debby said...

I love friendly people and friendly places. That's the way it oughta be, doncha think?

happyone said...

The small town where I live is friendly like that too.